On April 10, 2019, Lakeside football was awarded a grant from USA Football. "Congratulations! Your organization has been chosen as a grant recipient from USA Football. Your $1,000 grant is a credit toward new equipment from Riddell, USA Football's official equipment partner." Lakeside will use this grant to purchase football helmets. A big thank you goes out to USA Football and Riddell for their support of youth football throughout the nation....


Lakeside will be joining The Miracle League of Arkansas to be a buddy for some very special kids. These young men have decided to give up their Saturday morning to volunteer for The Miracle League of Arkansas. Volunteers Austin Taylor Brandon Prell Antonio Dixon Bryan Tapia Dustin Dilliams Alex Dougan Kerwyn Mathews Jose Galdamez Raymond Domnick Domonion Nathan Oscar Palestino Juan Barranco Jesse Capelle Mickey Makabe Matthew Finnestead Javier Hernandez Daniel Garcia Brayan Ramos Eric Cordero Gustavo Garcia Marcos Cisneros Niro Silluk Nickles Mejjen Bernard Anien Michael Bush Anthony Lopez ...


Cross-town rivalry games are always met with excitement and enthusiasm. However, this years rivalry is going to be different, not just for the players and coaches but also for the fans of both teams. With the loss of Springdale Bulldog wide receiver Kyler Williams this game will be the most emotional game that either of these two teams have ever played. Tears will be shed tonight, but Friday Night Football will still go on, however both teams will feel the loss of their friend, teammate, and family member. Previewing this game will be a difficult one to do because of the events over the past week. In my eyes, everyone that attends, takes part in, and has paid respects to Kyler and his family have won before the ballgame kicks-off tonight. Like many of my previews, I will now give the keys to the game and lay out the importance of this weeks Friday Night Football match-up. The Springdale Bulldogs come into this game with a 3-1 record on the season. Springdale played a very impressive game on September 23rd against Rogers Heritage and are looking to build on their victory over Heritage. The Bulldogs are looking to continue running the ball after racking up 160 yards on the ground last week. After 116 rushed yards and two touchdowns last week in the win over Heritage, look for Springdale to get Erick Mendez involved early in the game. The Har-Ber Wildcats dismantled the Rogers Mounties last Friday night and are looking to continue the momentum against Springdale this week. The Wildcats ground game has been difficult to stop in recent weeks. Logan Collins and Payton Copher have been an impressive duo for the Wildcats and will look to continue running the ball against the Bulldogs. The Wildcats defense has stifled opponents in recent weeks and will look to get the Springdale offense off the field Friday night. For the community of Springdale the final score of the game will not matter. The score will be kept and a winner will be decided but that is not what will be remembered about the game being played. Kyler Williams was known throughout the city of Springdale and he had friends all over Northwest Arkansas. The Springdale-Har-Ber game will finish what has been one of the most difficult weeks for the community of Springdale. Whether you are a fan of the Bulldogs or the Wildcats, tonight is about remembering #3 Kyler Williams and continuing to pay respects to his family and friends. ...


Good day from Springdale Athletics, A goal of all teachers, coaches, and administrators is to connect our students to our schools. And, for the most part we accomplish that mission. We strive to create more connections while enhancing the existing relationships. Dr. Rollins and the senior staff have set forth a new challenge for the Springdale District Athletic Department. We are charged with the mission of adding 7th grade athletics in all 4 middle schools for 2015-16. It is our plan to add Football, Volleyball, Girls and Boys Basketball, Spirit and Girls and Boys Soccer. The details for practice and competition for each 7th grade Middle School team are being developed. These will be District teams, coached by District personnel and will abide by Arkansas Activities Association (AAA) guidelines. We believe that our district has many talented staff members who have coached or have wanted to coach and not had the opportunity. This is their chance to reconnect and share their passion and expertise with our students. If you have an interest or know of someone who would be interested in coaching 7th Grade Athletics in Springdale Public Schools, please contact me. I look forward to sharing our vision. Connecting Great Students to Dedicated Coaches, Wayne Stehlik Director of Athletics Springdale Public Schools District 479-750-1680 ...